Up and Running

24 Jul 2013

It seemed weird not having a web-presence these past couple years. The last I had anything out there publicly was when I was regularly blogging about WoW, raid leading, and other MMO related topics. I’ll be starting a new job soon (a post on that eventually) in a much more tech focused arena, so it seems appropriate to get something started now.

My first experience doing anything resembling programming was building web pages in notepad with straight HTML and CSS sprinkled in. Now that I’m a developer professionally, and my web skills are approximately 15 years or more behind the time, I wanted to be able to find a space between WYSIWYG editors on wordpress and doing everything myself. To that end, I decided on a stack of Jekyll, Bootstrap, and Compass, hosted on Github Pages.

This gives me a good base to work from in terms of page generation and style with plenty of opportunity to hack away without breaking any complicated PHP scripts or plugins. Ruby is my next programming deep-dive and everything in here is ruby based (if not JS or CSS).

Jekyll takes posts written in plain text (I’m sticking with Markdown) and generates pages that are dated and slugged, so I can do everything with a git clone and Sublime Text from anywhere.

Soon I’ll want to have my resume, some public Ruby projects, new work projects, and other assorted goodies. Thanks for reading…if you still are!


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